Here's a creepy thought

When people die, where do their Livejournal/Facebook/et. al. go? Now we leave virtual detritus as well as physical when we pass on. Sort of like finding an old photo in a shoebox, except now that photo is up on Photobucket for the world to find once you've kicked it.
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Neat (thanks Sylvene)

01. What is your name: Lisa
02. A four letter word: Love
03. A boy's name: Lawrence
04. A girl's name: Lily
05. An occupation: Lawyer
06. A color: Lavendar
07. Something you wear: Leggings
08. A food: Linguine
09. A TV show: Lost
10. Something found in the bathroom: Light
11. A place: Louisiana
12. A reason for being late: Lost my keys
13. Something you shout: Look out!
14. A movie title: Little Nicky (lol)
15. Something you drink: Lemonade
16. A musical group: Lords of Acid
17. An animal: Lemur
18. A street name: Levinson
19. A type of car: Lamborghini
20. The title of a song: Life During Wartime
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A Thank You Note

Dear America,

Thank you for the lovely birthday gift. How did you know that a new President Obama was just what I was hoping for? I guess you remembered how disappointed I was four years ago when there was no President McCain for me to put on my wish list. Thanks so much for being so thoughtful!



P.S. to McCain, you are one classy guy. Excellent speech.
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blah, WaMu

The most annoying thing about my bank getting bought is that it is probably going to make unemployment go up around here and make it harder for me to find a job. Because it is all about ME.

Amusingly, we opened an account at BECU the night before the sale hit the news, and there were two other WaMu customers in there doing the same thing.
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