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Life, or Something Like It

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25th September 2011

11:09pm: Haha, Cleverbot
Wow, Cleverbot, you really ARE clever.

User: Tell me a joke.

Cleverbot: A joke.

User: Worst. Joke. Ever.

Cleverbot: Have you been talking to my sister?
Current Mood: awake

7th February 2010

10:50pm: AAF
Current Mood: tired

26th January 2010

5:37pm: fffffffffffuuuuuuuuuu

21st January 2010

6:38pm: Here's a creepy thought
When people die, where do their Livejournal/Facebook/et. al. go? Now we leave virtual detritus as well as physical when we pass on. Sort of like finding an old photo in a shoebox, except now that photo is up on Photobucket for the world to find once you've kicked it.
Current Mood: pensive

18th December 2009

9:06pm: Holy crap an entry!
This entry no point!

I accidentally the whole thing!

PS hi there. :)
Current Mood: giggly

29th January 2009

4:44pm: Neat (thanks Sylvene)
01. What is your name: Lisa
02. A four letter word: Love
03. A boy's name: Lawrence
04. A girl's name: Lily
05. An occupation: Lawyer
06. A color: Lavendar
07. Something you wear: Leggings
08. A food: Linguine
09. A TV show: Lost
10. Something found in the bathroom: Light
11. A place: Louisiana
12. A reason for being late: Lost my keys
13. Something you shout: Look out!
14. A movie title: Little Nicky (lol)
15. Something you drink: Lemonade
16. A musical group: Lords of Acid
17. An animal: Lemur
18. A street name: Levinson
19. A type of car: Lamborghini
20. The title of a song: Life During Wartime
Current Mood: busy

5th November 2008

12:12am: A Thank You Note
Dear America,

Thank you for the lovely birthday gift. How did you know that a new President Obama was just what I was hoping for? I guess you remembered how disappointed I was four years ago when there was no President McCain for me to put on my wish list. Thanks so much for being so thoughtful!



P.S. to McCain, you are one classy guy. Excellent speech.
Current Mood: cheerful

3rd October 2008

2:36pm: If you like the Big Lebowski
this is hilarious

Now I miss Edis =(

27th September 2008

12:21am: blah, WaMu
The most annoying thing about my bank getting bought is that it is probably going to make unemployment go up around here and make it harder for me to find a job. Because it is all about ME.

Amusingly, we opened an account at BECU the night before the sale hit the news, and there were two other WaMu customers in there doing the same thing.
Current Mood: awake

8th September 2008

5:11pm: Unpopular opinion of the day
I think strapless wedding gowns are tacky.
Current Mood: ¿que?

27th July 2008

3:00pm: I'm still alive!
Just more on Facebook that LJ. Hi all =)

7th February 2008

2:00am: WANT IT
OH GOD I'll take ten PLEASE

Current Mood: squeeeee

5th February 2008

1:19pm: many blood sucking insects
I have never been to a caucus. I usually vote in the primary, but apparently this year the WA state caucus will be the determining factor for all of the Democratic nominees and 49% of the Republicans. Since I'm ignorant about the process I looked it up, and what it sounds like is a bunch of people standing around and yelling. At the end of the process the candidate with the largest crowd of yelling people wins. Huh? It sounds like the stock exchange. Anyone ever been to one? What's it like?
Current Mood: confused

4th February 2008

8:23pm: sad news for Dgaters
Marlene (Tiruna's player) passed away today.
Current Mood: sad

27th January 2008

1:37am: well traveled-ness
Jet setting!

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25th January 2008

1:42pm: movie preview!
Language totally NSFW

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Current Mood: sick
1:15pm: neat
Comment stats

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8th January 2008

9:34pm: HEY I hope you had a Happy New Year's eve! I've been slacking about posting lately because um, it's my NY's resolution. RIGHT.
Current Mood: go cry emo fox

23rd December 2007

10:15pm: whoa I'm lvl 4
NG wizard/bard!

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19th December 2007

11:10am: I remember this cartoon!
It's part of a larger one I saw when I was pretty young, so late 70s or early 80s. I was fascinated by it then and it's still pretty cool - very philosophical. Anyone know what it's from?

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18th December 2007

5:26pm: the local rug scene
This reminds me of the furniture store down the street that goes out of business every 6 months, and yes, those lovely rug stores in Pioneer Square.

Current Mood: laughing

17th December 2007

6:38am: Wheee I can't wait for The Dark Knight to come out next year. It's got Christian Bale AND Maggie Gyllenhaal, two of my favorite actors. http://atasteforthetheatrical.com/deathtrap/default.htm

10th December 2007

12:39pm: achewood
Today's Achewood is FULL OF WIN: http://www.achewood.com/index.php?date=12102007
Current Mood: bouncy

8th December 2007

5:53pm: woooo Rock Band!
We've got Rock Band now, what a fun game! The drums are freakin' HARD. I have no coordination so using the foot pedal for the kick drum is really screwing me up on some songs. I'm stuck on "Day Late, Dollar Short" by the Acro-brats, in the bonus concert section. GRRRRR

6th December 2007

3:44pm: salmon runs and school
We went to Carkeek Park today and watched the salmon swimming upstream to spawn. It was really cool, although one poor salmon kind of got stuck on its side and didn't move for a while - resting up for its next try. The salmon are such big fish too, watching them wriggle up the shallow parts of Piper Creek with their bodies only half in the water was really amazing. Tough creatures, that is a hell of a lot of work and I am quite impressed with their stamina. It also made me crave some tasty salmon for dinner.

We took the ACS (American Chemical Society) general chemistry exam yesterday and I scored in the 96th percentile, which corresponds to a score of 105.6 on my final (my teacher gives extra credit). I could skip the final with that but I think I will take it anyway and see how much I know for the more in depth problems. Either way she'll give me the higher of the two scores as my grade on the final exam.

Next week is finals, so tomorrow is our last class day. I'm not worried about the Spanish final and the Geology final should not be too hard since he lets us use our notes. I was a little stressed about Chemistry so that took a lot of the pressure off.

I am really waffling about next quarter. I signed up for my final two requisite classes to graduate - an English Literature class and Environmental Issues and Problems. (I need a certain amount of credit in different areas like "Individuals, Cultures, and Society"). The way tuition scales, it behooves me to take three classes (15-16 credits) instead of just two (10 credits). If I take just two I will have more free time and could deal with a part time job. I was considering Vector Calculus next quarter but I have a feeling that is going to be a tough class. I could take Spanish 2 since I already have the textbook and it would be a "medium" class like the other two (although I think the Lit class will be easy).
Current Mood: indecisive
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